A way only 1 hour from Hanoi capital, Trang An complex in Ninh Binh has been known as not only a very beautiful natural destination, but also a preserved landscape of World Heritage. With our ardent love for the land, we constructed a lodge to be a refuge of charm and serenity in which guest will escape from the worries of daily life. Buffalo Eco Garden is exactly a separated haven in the heart of Trang An with a stunning backdrop of lush rice paddies and emerald mountains embraced by clouds.
Our boutique ecolodge offers 7 bungalows and 10 rooms of Tonkin traditional houses. All is built from natural materials: bamboo, wood, rattan and straw. All our lodge are complete with private gardens that are wonderfully preserved during our construction. Our air-conditioning system consists of split units that use environmentally friendly gas. Furthermore, our rooms are built in such a way that guests can chose not to use the air conditioning system and opt to rely solely on the cool breezes that come in through the open windows instead.
For someone who are looking for a simultaneously relax in a pristine natural setting and to engage themselves into the richness of day to day local life, Buffalo Eco Garden offers in every way. Whether it is walking over rice fields, climbing up to rocks, enjoying every minute of quiet time for fishing or simply immerse yourself into nature by sleeping with a symphony of cricket sounds at night, and listening bird singing in early morning. All will charm your heart. Buffalo Eco Garden is really a right place to stay in which everyone can get a chance to forget about the worries of daily life and to enjoy the best Trang An has to offer.